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Are you dealing with excess dirt on your property from a construction project,clearing endeavor, or other earthwork? Don’t let that surplus materials become a headache. Here’s a guide on how to efficiently remove extra dirt and debris from your property.

Assess the Quantity and Quality of the Dirt

Before deciding on a removal method, evaluate the amount and type of dirt you have:

  • Estimate the volume of dirt in cubic yards. Use a measuring tape to determine the length, width, and depth of the dirt pile, then multiply these three numbers and divide by 27 to get the cubic yardage.
  • Determine if the dirt is clean fill or contains debris. Clean fill is free of contaminants and can be easily repurposed, while dirt with debris may require special handling and disposal.
  • Check if the dirt is suitable for reuse or recycling. Factors to consider include soil composition, organic content, and presence of rocks or roots.

Consider Reusing or Repurposing the Dirt

If the dirt is clean and of good quality, consider these eco-friendly options:

  • Use it for landscaping projects on your property, such as filling low spots, creating planting beds, or building berms for privacy or noise reduction.
  • Create raised garden beds to improve soil quality and drainage for your plants.
  • Offer it to neighbors or community gardens who may need extra soil for their projects.
  • Advertise it as free fill dirt on local classifieds or social media platforms, such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

Hire a Professional Dirt Removal Service

For larger quantities or if you lack the time and resources to handle the dirt yourself, hire a professional removal service:

  • Look for a reputable company with experience in dirt removal and a proven track record of satisfied customers.
  • Request quotes from multiple providers to compare prices and services offered.
  • Ensure they have the proper equipment, such as skid steers, loaders, and dump trucks, as well as the necessary licenses and insurance.
  • Discuss their disposal or recycling methods to ensure the dirt is handled responsibly and in compliance with local regulations.

Partner with HaulConnector for Efficient Dirt Removal

HaulConnector is your go-to solution for fast and reliable dirt removal in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and surrounding areas. Our platform connects you with a network of experienced drivers and haulers who can remove your excess dirt promptly.

Benefits of Using HaulConnector:

  • Quick and easy quote process, allowing you to schedule dirt removal at your convenience
  • Competitive pricing and transparent quotes, so you know exactly what to expect
  • Wide selection of haulers to meet your specific needs, whether you have a small or large amount of dirt
  • Efficient removal and disposal services, ensuring your property is clean and debris-free in no time
  • Support for the local trucking community, promoting economic growth and job opportunities

How it Works:

  1. Visit to provide details about your haul away needs.
  2. Specify the amount and type of dirt you need removed, as well as your location and desired pickup time.
  3. Schedule the removal at your convenience and provide any necessary access instructions as well as machinery to load the trucks.
  4. Sit back and let HaulConnector take care of the rest, from pickup to disposal or recycling.

Dispose of the Dirt Responsibly

If the dirt cannot be reused or recycled, ensure it is disposed of properly:

  • Check local regulations on dirt disposal, as some areas may have specific requirements or restrictions.
  • Locate approved dumping sites or landfills that accept construction and demolition waste.
  • Verify that the facility accepts the type of dirt you have and any associated fees.
  • Keep records of proper disposal, such as receipts or manifests, for future reference and compliance purposes.

Prevent Future Dirt Accumulation

Once you’ve removed the extra dirt, take steps to prevent future accumulation:

  • Properly grade your property to encourage drainage and prevent soil erosion.
  • Install retaining walls or erosion control measures, such as silt fences or straw bales, to keep soil in place during construction or landscaping projects.
  • Regularly maintain your landscaping and construction sites, removing any excess dirt or debris promptly.
  • Have a plan in place for managing excavated materials, including designated storage areas and removal schedules.

Get Started with HaulConnector Today!

Let HaulConnector be your partner in managing excess dirt and streamlining your construction or landscaping projects in Chapel Hill, NC, and beyond. With our efficient platform and dedicated team of haulers, you can focus on your core business while we handle the dirt removal process from start to finish. Complete a quote request to get your dirt removed today. 


How much does dirt removal typically cost?

The cost of dirt removal varies depending on factors such as the amount of dirt, location, and hauler rates. On average, expect to pay between $200 to $400 per truckload depending on available dumps and associated tipping fees.

How long does it take to remove excess dirt?

The time required for dirt removal depends on the quantity of dirt and the hauler’s availability. Typically, smaller projects can be completed within a day, while larger ones may take several days or more.

Can I remove the dirt myself to save money?

Yes, you can remove the dirt yourself if you have the necessary equipment for a small amount. However, for larger projects or if you lack the time and resources, it’s often more efficient and cost-effective to hire a professional dirt removal service.

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