Durty Thursdays

Unscreened Dirt Deliveries to Your Site, Farm, or Home

Welcome! We are kicking off our Durty Thursdays special where we deliver quality unscreened dirt to your construction project site, farm, or home, at significantly discounted volume pricing – all on one day – March 7th, 2024.

A Few Details:

  • ONE DAY ONLY – All Deliveries Take Place on March 7th
  • Each load is about 14 cubic yards or 18 tons
  • Residential customers must have dry, solid ground to support 60k+ lbs., 30′ of clearance for the truck bed to lift, a 15′ entryway, and properly mark the delivery spot. Common unsuitable areas include on top of septic tanks, septic fields, wet areas, lawns, and concrete driveways.
  • All orders are pre-paid securely on our website
  • We deliver within 30 miles of Wake Forest – 27587
  • We notify you by email when the order leaves the quarry and is 20-40 minutes away
  • Discount available for 25 loads or more in single order
  • Supply is limited to a total of 200 loads

How it Works:

  • Step 1: Create your FREE Account
  • Step 2: Place Your Pre-Order (Choose 3/7)
  • Step 3: Oversee Delivery on March 7th

That’s it! Order as much as you like and sit back while we deliver it by the truckload.


Contact us to get notified of our next event.